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Khan Motocross-win Argentina Cross Champion.

The 9th Silk Road Rally will be held in July 2019. Mongolia will be included in a new route. The motorcycle team will be added to the event. The organizing committee announced the above news at a press conference held in Paris on the 21st. .

The 2019 Silk Road Rally will kick off in Irkutsk, Russia on July 6th of that year. The drivers will wear Ukrainian Siberia and Lake Baikal to Ulaanbaatar, and pass through Mongolia from north to south, and finally to the Gobi Desert in China. There will be 10 stages in the competition. After the 5,000-kilometer journey, the car-receiving ceremony will be held in Dunhuang on July 16.

In addition to the car group and truck group, the motorcycle group originally scheduled to join the competition in 2018 will appear on the stage of the 2019 Silk Road Rally after a delay of one year.

The Silk Road Rally was first held in 2009. According to the data provided by the organizing committee, nearly a thousand drivers have participated since 2009.


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